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ORF ID KEGG ID Gene name Definition KO EC number Comment Category Position Start position Length Last update Last annotator Reference
sll0489 syn:sll0489   putative ABC-2 type transport system ATP-binding protein K09687     ABC transporters complement(2905482..2906510) 2905482 342 2002-05-08 13:52:14 system  
slr0500 syn:slr0500 hisB imidazoleglycerol-phosphate dehydratase K01693   Histidine metabolism 2906797..2907429 2906797 210 2001-12-28 18:42:21 system  
sll0488 syn:sll0488   hypothetical protein         complement(2907447..2908058) 2907447 203 2001-12-28 18:42:00 system  
sll0487 syn:sll0487   hypothetical protein         complement(2908175..2909383) 2908175 402 2001-12-28 18:42:01 system  
sll0486 syn:sll0486 kaiB3 circadian clock protein KaiB homolog K08481       complement(2909493..2909801) 2909493 102 2002-02-21 09:56:30 system 1.Ishiura M, Kutsuna S, Aoki S, Iwasaki H, Andersson CR, Tanabe A, Golden SS, Johnson CH, Kondo T (1998) Expression of a gene cluster kaiABC as a circadian feedback process incyanobacteria. Science 281:1519-23 [PMID:9727980]

sll0485 syn:sll0485 rre30 two-component response regulator (NarL subfamily)         complement(2909975..2910874) 2909975 299 2002-05-10 10:54:00 system  
sll0484 syn:sll0484   ABC transport system ATP-binding protein, DevA homolog K02003       complement(2911122..2911859) 2911122 245 2002-05-09 17:22:47 system  
slr0502 syn:slr0502 cobW cobaramin synthesis protein CobW K02234   SLR0502 shows the highest similarity to CobW in Pseudomonas denitrificans that is an unassigned gene for cobalamin biosynthesis   2911990..2913048 2911990 352 2002-05-10 17:37:04 system 1.Crouzet J, Levy-Schil S, Cameron B, Cauchois L, Rigault S, Rouyez MC, Blanche F, Debussche L, Thibaut D (1991) Nucleotide sequence and genetic analysis of a 13.1-kilobase-pair Pseudomonas denitrificans DNA fragment containing five cob genes and identification of structural genes encoding Cob(I)alamin adenosyltransferase, cobyric acid synthase, and bifunctional cobinamide kinase-cobinamide phosphate guanylyltransferase. J Bacteriol 173:6074-87. [PMID:1655697]

slr0503 syn:slr0503 ycf66 Hypothetical protein         2913111..2914124 2913111 337 2002-02-28 18:38:03 system  
slr0505 syn:slr0505   hypothetical protein         2914134..2914706 2914134 190 2001-12-28 18:42:01 system  
slr0506 syn:slr0506 por, pcr light-dependent NADPH-protochlorophyllide oxidoreductase K00218 Inactivation of this gene in Plectonema boryanum produced a high-light sensitive mutant [PMID:9559561], and this phenotype is restored under anaerobic conditions [PMID: 17028153]. Porphyrin and chlorophyll metabolism 2914828..2915796 2914828 322 2006-10-13 16:15:57 Fujita, Yuichi 1.Suzuki JY, Bauer CE (1995) A prokaryotic origin for light-dependent chlorophyll biosynthesis of plants. Proc Natl Acad Sci U S A 92:3749-53. [PMID:7731978]
2.He Q, Brune D, Nieman R, Vermaas W (1998) Chlorophyll alpha synthesis upon interruption and deletion of por coding for the light-dependent NADPH: protochlorophyllide oxidoreductase in a photosystem-I-less/chlL- strain of Synechocystis sp. PCC 6803. Eur J Biochem 253:161-72. [PMID:9578474]