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ORF ID KEGG ID Gene name Definition KO EC number Comment Category Position Start position Length Last update Last annotator Reference
slr0839 syn:slr0839 hemH, scpA ferrochelatase K01772   Porphyrin and chlorophyll metabolism 2849096..2850259 2849096 387 2002-04-11 15:41:46 system 1.Funk C, Vermaas W (1999) A cyanobacterial gene family coding for single-helix proteins resembling part of the light-harvesting proteins from higher plants. Biochemistry 38:9397-404. [PMID:10413515]

sll0828 syn:sll0828 nylA 6-aminohexanoate-cyclic-dimer hydrolase K01426   Arginine and proline metabolism
Phenylalanine metabolism
Tryptophan metabolism
Cyanoamino acid metabolism
Benzoate degradation via CoA ligation
Styrene degradation
complement(2850331..2851851) 2850331 506 2001-12-28 18:42:21 system  
sll0827 syn:sll0827   hypothetical protein         complement(2851854..2853344) 2851854 496 2001-12-28 18:42:00 system  
slr0841 syn:slr0841   periplasmic protein, function unknown K03668       2853611..2854486 2853611 291 2002-04-20 20:06:56 system 1.Fulda S, Huang F, Nilsson F, Hagemann M, Norling B (2000) Proteomics of Synechocystis sp. strain PCC 6803. Identification of periplasmic proteins in cells grown at low and high salt concentrations. Eur J Biochem 267:5900-7. [PMID:10998049]

slr0842 syn:slr0842   hypothetical protein         2854916..2856130 2854916 404 2001-12-28 18:42:00 system  
sll0825 syn:sll0825 pcnB polyA polymerase K00970   RNA degradation complement(2856160..2857410) 2856160 416 2001-12-28 18:42:00 system  
ssr1425 syn:ssr1425 ycf34 Ycf34         2857507..2857755 2857507 82 2002-02-28 17:46:38 system  
slr0844 syn:slr0844 ndhF1 NADH dehydrogenase I chain L, involved in photosystem-1 cyclic electron flow K05577   Oxidative phosphorylation 2857874..2859919 2857874 681 2002-05-10 11:58:36 system 1.Shibata M, Ohkawa H, Kaneko T, Fukuzawa H, Tabata S, Kaplan A, Ogawa T (2001) Distinct constitutive and low-CO2-induced CO2 uptake systems in cyanobacteria: genes involved and their phylogenetic relationship with homologous genes in other organisms. Proc Natl Acad Sci U S A 98:11789-94. [PMID:11562454]

ssl1533 syn:ssl1533   hypothetical protein         complement(2860071..2860289) 2860071 72 2001-12-28 18:42:00 system  
slr0845 syn:slr0845   hypothetical protein         2860500..2861072 2860500 190 2001-12-28 18:42:00 system  
sll0823 syn:sll0823 sdhB succinate dehydrogenase iron-sulfur protein K00240   Citrate cycle (TCA cycle)
Oxidative phosphorylation
Benzoate degradation via CoA ligation
Butanoate metabolism
complement(2861101..2861838) 2861101 245 2002-04-24 12:28:18 system 1.Cooley JW, Howitt CA, Vermaas WF (2000) Succinate:quinol oxidoreductases in the cyanobacterium synechocystis sp.strain PCC 6803: presence and function in metabolism and electrontransport. J Bacteriol 182:714-22 [PMID:10633105]