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ORF ID KEGG ID Gene name Definition KO EC number Comment Category Position Start position Length Last update Last annotator Reference
slr1450 syn:slr1450   hypothetical protein         1091317..1091631 1091317 104 2001-12-28 18:41:32 system  
sll1350 syn:sll1350 rfrA regulator of a high affinity manganese transport system     regulator of a high affinity manganese transport system, isolated as suppressor mutant (Thr171Ala) that restores photosynthetic activity to delta-mntC/delta-psbO double mutant   complement(1091698..1092894) 1091698 398 2004-12-08 20:39:03 Ikeuchi, Masahiko 1.Chandler LE, Bartsevich VV, Pakrasi HB (2003) Regulation of manganese uptake in Synechocystis 6803 by RfrA, a member of a novel family of proteins containing a repeated five-residues domain. Biochemistry 42:5508-14. [PMID:12731893]

sll1349 syn:sll1349 cbbZp phosphoglycolate phosphatase K01091   Glyoxylate and dicarboxylate metabolism complement(1092925..1093590) 1092925 221 2001-12-28 18:41:32 system  
sll1348 syn:sll1348   hypothetical protein         complement(1093626..1094558) 1093626 310 2001-12-28 18:41:32 system  
sll1282 syn:sll1282 ribH riboflavin synthase beta chain K00794 2.5.1.-   Riboflavin metabolism complement(1094649..1095143) 1094649 164 2001-12-28 18:42:15 system  
sll1281 syn:sll1281 psbZ, ycf9 photosystem II PsbZ protein K02724   Plant homolog, ycf9, is associated with PSII complex, and required for assembly of PSII-LHCII supercomplex or stable accumulation of CP26.sThe current annotated translation start site is probably incorrect. In a recent proteomic analysis of PSII (Kashino et al 2002, Biochemistry 41: 8004 - 8012) the N-terminal sequence of PsbZ was determined to be MSIVFQIALAALV, which is internal to the current annotated translation start site. Photosynthesis complement(1095248..1095571) 1095248 107 2003-01-03 02:37:07 Roose, Johnna 1.Ruf S, Biehler K, Bock R (2000) A small chloroplast-encoded protein as a novel architectural component of the light-harvesting antenna. J Cell Biol 149:369-78. [PMID:10769029]
2.Maenpaa P, Gonzalez EB, Chen L, Khan MS, Gray JC, Aro EM (2000) The ycf 9 (orf 62) gene in the plant chloroplast genome encodes a hydrophobic protein of stromal thylakoid membranes. J Exp Bot 51 Spec No:375-82. [PMID:10938845]
3.Baena-Gonzalez E, Gray JC, Tyystjarvi E, Aro EM, Maenpaa P (2001) Abnormal regulation of photosynthetic electron transport in a chloroplast ycf9 inactivation mutant. J Biol Chem 276:20795-802. [PMID:11259438]
4.Swiatek M, Kuras R, Sokolenko A, Higgs D, Olive J, Cinque G, Muller B, Eichacker LA, Stern DB, Bassi R, (2001) The chloroplast gene ycf9 encodes a photosystem II (PSII) core subunit, PsbZ, that participates in PSII supramolecular architecture. Plant Cell 13:1347-67. [PMID:11402165]

tRNA-Leu-3 syn:tRNA-Leu-3   tRNA-Leu         complement(1095712..1095793) 1095712   2002-11-25 15:43:42    
sll1280 syn:sll1280   hypothetical protein         complement(1095772..1096659) 1095772 295 2001-12-28 18:41:32 system  
slr1356 syn:slr1356 rps1, rps1a 30S ribosomal protein S1 K02945     Ribosome 1097077..1098063 1097077 328 2002-04-18 18:53:22 system 1.Sugita C, Sugiura M, Sugita M (2000) A novel nucleic acid-binding protein in the cyanobacterium Synechococcus sp. PCC6301: a soluble 33-kDa polypeptide with high sequence similarity to ribosomal protein S1. Mol Gen Genet 263:655-63 [PMID:10852488]

slr1357 syn:slr1357 ISY100c putative transposase gene of IS630 family insertion sequence ISY100c K07494       1098323..1099171 1098323 282 2002-05-09 15:42:15 system  
sll1277 syn:sll1277 recF RecF protein K03629     Homologous recombination complement(1099214..1100368) 1099214 384 2001-12-28 18:41:32 system