Synechocystis sp. PCC6803 : slr0905

ORF IDslr0905
Gene namechlE, bchE
DefinitionMg-protoporphyrin IX monomethyl ester oxidative cyclase
Length499 aa
1500 bp   +upstreambp   +downstreambp
CyanoBaseslr0905 bchE Mg-protoporphyrin IX monomethyl ester oxidative cyclase
UniProtQ55373 cyclase (EC 1.14.13.-) (Mg-protoporphyrin IX monomethyl ester oxidative cyclase).
KOK04034 bchE; anaerobic magnesium-protoporphyrin IX monomethyl ester cyclase [EC:]
Pfam / Prositepf:B12-binding

CommentWhile SLR0905 shows the highest similarity (31%) to BchE from Rhodobacter capsulatus, SLR0309 and SLL1242 also do significant similarity (24% and 21%, respectively) to BchE.
RemarkA slr0905-lacking mutant grew photosynthetically as well as wild type. Accumulation of Mg-protoporphyrin monomethyletser (MPE) was not detected in the mutant. Any evidence for that Slr0905 is involved in MPE cyclase reaction has not obtained.
Porphyrin and chlorophyll metabolism
1. Bollivar DW, Suzuki JY, Beatty JT, Dobrowolski JM, Bauer CE (1994) Directed mutational analysis of bacteriochlorophyll a biosynthesis in Rhodobacter capsulatus. J Mol Biol 237:622-40. [PMID:8158642]
2. Gough SP, Petersen BO, Duus JO (2000) Anaerobic chlorophyll isocyclic ring formation in Rhodobacter capsulatus requires a cobalamin cofactor. Proc Natl Acad Sci U S A 97:6908-13. [PMID:10841582]
3. Yang ZM, Bauer CE (1990) Rhodobacter capsulatus genes involved in early steps of the bacteriochlorophyll biosynthetic pathway. J Bacteriol 172:5001-10. [PMID:2203738]
4. Minamizaki K, Mizoguchi T, Goto T, Tamiaki H, Fujita Y (2007) Identification of two homologous genes, chlAI and chlAII, that are differentially involved in isocyclic ring formation of chlorophyll a in the cyanobacterium Synechocystis sp. PCC 6803. J Biol Chem :. [PMID:18039649]
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